Will new rechargeable battery coming?

The Battery technology is very important and exist in every corner of modern life. However, the truth is that lots of users consider the battery performance don’t meet their needs and still have great room for improvement. If we can produce better battery at a reasonable price from wind and solar power, leading the human entered the era of zero-emission fuel. It will leads a green energy revolution. But this revolution is too long and more people doubt whether it will actually happen.

The Lithium ion battery used in a lot of portable digital devices and even on plan. But batteries recalled every year, thousands of laptop batteries from Dell, HP, Apple ever called back. Boeing 787 Dreamliner is the world’s first passenger aircraft coming with the li-ion battery. in January of this year suffered several failures. United States National Transportation Safety Board’s preliminary investigation found that the type of battery fire accident occurred on January 7, the reason is a battery of 8 single cell, there is a multiple short circuits triggered so-called thermal runaway reaction, temperature rising. Short circuit has gradually spread to other cells, and lead to a fire. In view of this, the current global grounded dozens of Boeing 787, waiting for the Boeing Company, as well as Japan and the United States Government’s ultimate findings. In early February, Boeing proposed battery design of the 787 Dreamliner made a series of changes, consider increasing the interval between the lithium-ion battery cells, to mitigate the potential risk of battery internal heat and fire spread and increase the enhanced thermal sensor.

If the lithium-ion battery technology gradually tend to limit, could we produce truly comparable with the internal combustion engine cars electric vehicles? According to McKinsey, the global business advisory firm estimated that by 2020 lithium battery car will be competitive, but much work still needs to be done in the future. In addition, scientists are developing that is comparable to other new types of batteries with lithium-ion batteries.

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