HP G72 Battery

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HP G72 extended battery, 12-cell 8800mAh replacement G72 battery working for HP G72,G72 CTO series laptops

Status : Brand New
Warranty : Full One Year
69.99 USD

Laptop/Battery HP G72
Battery type Li-ion 12 cells
Capacity 8800mAh
Volt 10.8v
Size 205.30 x 63.03 x 21.03 mm
Weight 1.32lbs/600g

100% compatible.

Best replacement battery,Made of finest safe & powerful cells

Latest li-ion battery technology to give your laptop new life

Always 30-day money back

12-month warranty!

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HP G72 laptop battery, Long life 9-cell 6600mAh replacement G72 battery working for HP G72,G62 laptops

Status : Brand New
Warranty : Full One Year
65.99 USD

Laptop/Battery HP G72
Battery type Li-ion 9 cells
Capacity 6600 mah
Volt 10.8v
Size 205.30 x 63.03 x 21.03 mm
Weight 1.06lbs/480g

HP G72 laptop battery, Light Weight Standard capacity 6-cell 4400mAh replacement travel G72 battery working for HP G72,G62 laptops

Status : Brand New
Warranty : Full One Year
49.38 USD

Laptop/Battery HP G72
Battery type Li-ion 6 cells
Capacity 4400 mah
Volt 10.8v
Size 205.30 x 53.03 x 21.03 mm
Weight 0.84lbs/380g
HP G72 battery detail

Lots of people use the HP G72 laptop as a Lightweight desktop replacement, But it is necessary to carry the battery when you want to traveling somewhere with USB dongles. Although the HP G72 laptop only comes with a 6-cell 4400 mah li-ion battery, it can provide strong battery life of 4 hours without AC power adapter, Our replacement G72 12-cell(last about 5 hours) and 9-cell rechargeable batteries made of powerful quality lithium cells which give the same performance as the original HP G72 battery and HP G72 extended battery pack.

Compatible with all HP G72 Sereis, Popular G72 models as following

  • All HP G72 G72t G72m Series Notebooks
  • HP G72-100 series
  • HP G72-130SB
  • HP G72-200 series
  • HP G72-227WM
  • HP G72-250US
  • HP G72-251NR
  • HP G72-251XX
  • HP G72-257CL
  • HP G72-259WM
  • HP G72-260US
  • HP G72-261US
  • HP G72-262NR
  • HP G72T-200 CTO
  • HP G72-a00 series
  • HP G72-a30EM
  • HP G72-b00 series
  • HP G72-b27CL
  • HP G72-b49WM
  • HP G72-b50US
  • HP G72-b53NR
  • HP G72-b54NR
  • HP G72-b57CL
  • HP G72-b60US
  • HP G72-b61NR
  • HP G72-b62US
  • HP G72-b63NR
  • HP G72-b66US
  • HP G72-b67US
  • HP G72t
  • HP G72m et,.
HP G72 battery Reviews
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Fit && Charge

The battery fit my g72 notebook well although with larger size, and it charge very well every time. ------------------Miranda Tucker

Exact battery I need

It is an exact replacement I need for the original bad battery, I can go at least 3 hours without charging it. ------------------Xander Galloway

Good battery life with my laptop

Had contacted with their customer service, I replace my lower capacity battery pack with a 12-cell one, Now my G72 CTO laptop last about 4 2/3 hours when charged. ------------------Jaylynn Oliver

Like this OEM battery

My HP notebook with 6-cell never get 4 hours battery as claimed on official site but this OEM 12-cell battery does.-------------Kinley Norman

It was pretty usefull!

Got the 12-cell G72 battery and a 9 cell origianl G72 battery at the same time. Both last 4+ hours and support my daily work-------------Derrick Lambert

Best replacement for HP MU09

The HP G72 laptop battery is the perfect replacement for my HP laptop. It fits perfectly with my laptop, and works as well as an 6-cell original battery. And its high quality is the most important reason that I satisfies with this battery. I'm very glad that I got to use this product!------------------Ivan NICHOLS

3+ hours battery life

The 12-cell HP G72 battery I bought is a little bigger than my 6-cell low capacity battery. I'll recommend it for satisfying longer battery life. I'll come again!--------------Bailey DURHAM

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