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HP HSTNN-CB0D extended battery, 6-cell 5200mAh replacement HSTNN-CB0D battery working for HP laptops

Status : Brand New
Warranty : Full One Year
77.99 USD

Laptop/Battery HP HSTNN-CB0D
Battery type Li-ion 6-cell
Capacity 5200 mah(56 Wh)
Volt 10.8v
Size 205.10x42.40x22.50
Weight 313g

100% compatible.

Best replacement battery,Made of finest safe & powerful cells

Latest li-ion battery technology to give your laptop new life

Always 30-day money back

12-month warranty!

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HP HSTNN-CB0D battery detail

Check the HP laptop machine model or battery part number with following compatibility list of HP HSTNN-CB0D battery, Also learn tips about extending HP HSTNN-CB0D laptop battery life to help you make your HP battery live longer.

Compatible with the following HP batteries:

  • HP Mini 110 Series
  • HP Mini 1101 All Series
  • HP Mini 110 Mi Edition
  • HP Mini 110 XP Edition
  • HP Mini 110-1006TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1007TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1011TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1012NR,
  • HP Mini 110-1013TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1014TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1015LA,
  • HP Mini 110-1016TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1017TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1019TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1020LA,
  • HP Mini 110-1020NR,
  • HP Mini 110-1025DX,
  • HP Mini 110-1025TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1027TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1030CA,
  • HP Mini 110-1030NR,
  • HP Mini 110-1032TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1033CL,
  • HP Mini 110-1034TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1035TU,
  • HP Mini 110-1045DX,
  • HP Mini 110-1050LA,
  • HP Mini 110-1050NR,
  • HP Mini110-1001TU,
  • HP Mini110-1008TU
  • Compaq Mini 110c Series
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1001NR,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010EA,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010EE,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010ES,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010ET,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010SA,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010SB,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010SH,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1010SP,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1011SA,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1020EI,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1030EK,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1030EQ,
  • Compaq Mini 110c-1050EF
  • Compaq Mini 102 Series
HP HSTNN-CB0D battery Reviews
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Nice products

I purchased two batteries on this store. One of them is HSTNN-CB0D extended battery for my HP 110 laptop. The other one is another model for my brother's laptop. Since both of the batteries works quite well and long, I believed this store sells genuine products. I'll come again!------------------Cameron HARTMAN

Great service

I was on business in California when the product arrived, the battery as a gift for my son as his Mini 110 netbook could not last long without wall power. He likes it very much. I'm so happy!-----------------Addisyn WARREN

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